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Classic Rock

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Classic Rock is a turbo-charged, high-voltage rock’n’rollathon of a magazine.  Every month it’s packed with exclusive interviews and features on rock’s biggest names, and includes the heftiest rock reviews section on the planet.  In an average month, you’ll find over 150 albums reviewed, all from the ever-varied, multi-faceted world of rock. 

Just as you don’t expect to find a review of Velvet Revolver or Iron Maiden or The Who in a hip-hop or dance music magazine, equally Classic Rock is a rock magazine.  If rock’s what you like, that’s what we got. Narrow but deep.

Classic Rock’s front section ‘The Dirt’ dishes up just that: all the news and views you need to know, including profiles of new bands to look out for and interviews with returning heroes.  Oh, and that’s not forgetting the CD or DVD you get with every issue.

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