International Media Service was established in 1989 when a demand for customer friendly service was identified between publishers and subscribers within North America. IMS began with Canadian newspapers, processing customer orders and building data bases, which were easily accessible when the customer wished to update or change addresses or publication choices. In 1991, our services expanded to European publishers, lowering their shipping costs and delivery time significantly, and providing more choices for subscribers. IMS also expanded their services to encompass data management. In 1993, International Media Service became a full subscription bureau with renewal letters, promotion tracking, and data download worldwide.

Today, International Media Service represents more than one hundred magazines and newspapers from around the globe, including the leading French newspapers such as Le Monde and London's most trusted newspaper, The London Times. IMS has a large client base of numerous publishing companies, with new publishers being added quarterly.

International Media Service is founded on principals of excellent customer service. Our goal is to represent European publishers abroad and help them reach the rapidly growing needs of their North American subscribers. The IMS office is fully staffed and accessible twenty four hours a day by phone, facsimile or electronic mail. Our headquarters are based in the beautiful resort city of Virginia Beach, Virginia, with offices overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. We encourage our clients to visit us anytime they are in the area to enjoy the hospitality of the IMS office staff.

We’ve built up over 100 titles listed across a huge range of subjects

An unrivalled level of customer service based in Virginia Beach and the ability to pay in $, has led to us delivering over 10,000 subscriptions per month, making us North America’s number one choice when subscribing to international publications.

Are you a publisher?

We work with over 20 publishers and are always keen to develop new relationships to expand our range of titles and provide you with a direct North American representative. Each publisher has specific needs and different types of customers; our flexibility has proven to very effective and transparent for all publishers and their circulation needs.

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