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What can IMS do for you?

By choosing International Media Service as a customer database controller, IMS becomes a direct representative in North America, creating and maintaining a strong presence and providing valuable credibility with each publication. Retaining this image enhances brand identity while addressing the needs of today's customers. Using International Media Service as a point of contact will open more doors to new eyes, reaching more customers and establishing potential growth. International Media Service can help you transition newsstand copy sales into firm subscriptions.

International Media Service also acts as a full-service bureau, capable of handling and transferring subscription data to the publisher through detailed monthly reports. IMS becomes actively involved in marketing and strategy plans to increase subscription sales. Competitive pricing schedules pass the savings directly to IMS clients.

Because the IMS headquarters is located in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States, we are better equipped to provide superior customer service. In addition, all sales are U.S. dollars, free of any exchange rate discrepancy, providing yet another major source of savings for IMS clients.

Customer service

International Media Service strives for only the best customer service, assuring that each subscriber experiences a positive interaction every time they make contact with our professional staff. IMS maintains the standard that the customer is always right and every subscriber counts, handling each individual on a personal basis.

At International Media Service, we take pride in providing the best customer service while promoting the publisher at the same time. IMS is a reflection of each publisher and as an extension of each company. IMS relays a positive image to each subscriber. Comments from readers are always welcome and are provided directly to their publisher.

International Media Service also provides a user-friendly refund policy allowing for call backs, refunds and issue re-mails, all of which are handled instantly and followed up with a phone call or an email to the client. These simple procedures are examples of some of the extra steps that International Media Service supplies to better suit the subscriber and the publisher alike. As an extension of International Media Service's own customer service policy, no added charges will be passed on to the publisher. Like each subscriber, every IMS publisher is also important.

IMS provides first-class customer service on a personal level

  • Reader feedback provided directly to the publisher
  • Callbacks, refunds and issue re-mails
  • Phone call or email confirmation

Data management

The core component of International Media Service's data management is a Microsoft-based operating system, specifically created to allow more flexibility in representing publishers with weekly or monthly production schedules. This operating system allows International Media Service the capability to mold to the individual needs of each publisher. Simply said, IMS adapts their services to better adapt to yours.

IMS office hours are not confined to the normal nine-to-five but are fully functional 365 days a year. With an automated voice mail system accompanied by facsimile, electronic mail, online ordering and domestic mail ordering, all orders are processed within six hours. This crucial time savings is important for every subscriber.

International Media Service's computer data servers are stored behind Nokia and Check-Point firewalls. This is vital to the security of a subscriber's personal information. These security servers are backed up twice daily and stored on four separate remote servers. Weekly backups are also conducted and secured in a local bank vault. IMS believes in effective redundancy to guarantee your subscriber base. These elaborate backup systems ensure no down-time, greater security and, most importantly, instill peace of mind.

International Media Service operates an off-premise secure remote server which is fully operational and constantly updated. Although complex, these means of greater security and repetitive back-ups still allow all data to be securely accessed at a moments notice.

IMS reads, stores, and directs data efficiently and securely

  • Data extract/upload to and from publishers
  • Direct data dump to printing houses
  • Label downloads
  • Promotional code capture

Promotional fulfillment

International Media Service strives to keep each publisher in touch with their readers and the competitive trends affecting their particular industry. IMS can capture valuable data to assist in promoting publications of all kinds. Monthly promotional code reports are then generated, organizing this important information in a clear and concise format.

An IMS promotional code report also helps the publisher stay in check with any current on-page ad or other promotions that are currently running. By acting as a list broker, International Media Service can aid in selecting a mailing list that would best suit each publisher with their individual marketing campaigns.

International Media Service has a liaison with a U.S.-based mailing facility that provides a first-class mailing service. This mailing center allows for quicker and less expensive shipping than most U.K. or U.S. re-mailers in the industry. IMS is then able to provide the re-mailing of any promotional goods and special periodicals at a reduced price. The IMS creative team assists in making suggestions aimed at any promotions geared toward North American readership. International Media Service is well-equipped to mail promotional goods such as video cassettes, plastic mugs, books, sunglasses and any other promotional gift items, all at a reduced price, allowing publishers to extend promotions to its North American and U.K. subscribers alike. Give IMS a call and simply ask to see what can be shipped!

IMS becomes actively involved in marketing strategies to increase subscription sales

  • Data capture (reader surveys, etc.)
  • Promotional code reports on a monthly basis
  • Promotional printing and mail merge
  • Mailing list selection

Report structure

International Media Service has developed a series of easy-to-read reports for publishers that encapsulate current standings of both live and lapsed subscribers. These concise reports capture critical information needed for busy department heads seeking vital facts at a quick glance. International Media Service created these report structures from years of experience in dealing with a variety of publishers and publications.

These essential IMS reports can be organized and delivered in many ways. Each series of reports can also be generated on a weekly or monthly basis. Additional reports may be generated and include the following.

IMS becomes actively involved in marketing strategies to increase subscription sales

  • Sales report - Monthly, faxed and post
  • Active Count report - Bi-weekly, emailed XLS format
  • Promotional Count report - Bi-weekly, emailed XLS format
  • Renewal letter response report - Monthly, emailed XLS format
  • ABC - Quarterly, emailed XLS format
  • Deferred Income - Monthly, faxed and post
  • Demographic: Distribution by state and province, expected lapsed active and inactive count.
  • Merchandise report: Book, CD's, Video

Reports are very important to the IMS team and are critical in determining effectiveness to each client. IMS creates and delivers reports to suit each individual publisher's needs.

  • Data analysis reports (demographic sales,distribution, potential growth, etc.)
  • Report delivery, via electronic mail to publishers on a weekly or monthly basis
  • PDF, Excel, or composite spread sheet formats
  • Hard copies faxed to your office
  • Data extraction available at a moments notice

For more information

For more information about how International Media Service can assist your publication and for specific ways IMS could become your link to North America.

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